Cindy Kessler / Kessler Studios, Inc. Kessler Studios was founded in 1980 by Cindy Kessler, designing artist, and Bob Kessler, business manager. We design, build and install original works of glass art. Previous commissions include sacred spaces, government buildings, universities, libraries, athletic centers, hospitals, corporate sites and private collections. Our windows have been used in exterior windows, as autonomous panels, and as interior “walls”, where they separate spaces while retaining a sense of openness. Our mosaics have been used in floors and walls, sometimes even projecting out from the surface on which it is mounted. Our glass and steel sculptures suspend into a space and create a dynamic presence.

We believe that stained glass for the sacred space must have a depth that touches one’s very soul, serving as a bridge to the spiritual experience, and lend a sense of beauty and ambiance to the architectural environment. It is this dual service of spirituality and beauty that we delight in melding for every project we do.

Cindy’s abstract designs have meaning, symbolism, sometimes a literal story, intricately woven within. But, because the artwork is abstract, the viewer is always free to experience it on an intimate level, through personal interpretation.


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