Janai E Robinson-Makarov / Schatzie Designs LLC Janai Robinson-Makarov was born in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1982. Janai works predominantly in the mediums such as acrylic and pencil. Her work spreads to digital photography and graphic images. Janai completed her Bachelor of Fine Art in Visual Communication & Design and Foreign Language in German at the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 2008. While pastoring at Concordia Lutheran Church, in Concordia, KS, she manages her art business.

Schatzie Designs LLC is a creative center that loves promoting and creating art that speaks to people. Our commission work focuses on paintings, drawings, and stoles. We also offer art workshops and private teaching sessions for all ages wanting to experience, learn, or master an art skill. Our central goals are building trust with our clients, keeping things straightforward and efficient, and providing space for each creation to have its voice. We are open to all kinds of groups, religious or nonreligious while maintaining our international flavor. Schatzie has recently partnered with VIDA to design clothing, home accessories, and jewelry. VIDA is a global company who partners with artists to sell their work on products produced.

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