Emma Mathews-Lingen Since I was young, I have had a great love for making things. I often spent time making sculptures out of seashells, craft sticks, or polymer clay, and sewing with my mom. Not to mention drawing or coloring, and creating stories for my sister and me to act out. Now, the kind of artwork I create has changed considerably; however, I still love exploring and learning about all mediums.

I am now a student in the School of Theater Arts at Illinois Wesleyan University where study costume and set design, stagecraft, stage management and producing and directing.

I have a deep connection with kids, and I think it shows in my art. My work is often whimsical, and whether I am working in clay, or illustration, my love for story and character comes through.

I have also worked with textiles in costume design, puppetry and doll-making. Photos of this work to come soon!


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