Edith Gage As an artist, I first discovered and began to fall in love with the art of calligraphy in an art class during high school. While in college, I majored in art education and continued to learn calligraphy. After graduating with a BA in Art Education, and while working full time in churches, my faith and love of calligraphy began to emerge in the the confirmation and graduation gifts for the youth that I worked with. While studying at Luther Seminary, I discovered that Martin Luther’s intent for his small catechism was to have it in poster form so that his parish members could have and teach their children the basics of faith. I began laying out Martin Luther's small catechism and have continued with other pieces of scripture.

My artwork is uniquely created. The prints that I currently have on my website are printed as Giclee' prints on archival quality poster and watercolor papers. Commissioned work is also accepted, please contact me for more information.

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