Kristine Luber Trained as a Lutheran teacher, my past careers included youth and education minister, editor of a Bible transition and writer of arts-based faith formation curriculum for special needs adults. Through the years my artistic endeavors were focused on helping students of all ages and abilities express their faith through various individual and group art projects, including banners and mosaics. My parents were a large influence on both my faith and my art. I learned to sew at an early age and have always sewn my own clothing. Recently I have been using my sewing machine to make secular and liturgical art. My award-winning pieces have been displayed in many regional galleries and, sold at auction, they have raised thousands for charity.

I make fabric art by sewing a patchwork of scraps, photos printed on fabric and/or three-dimensional flowers and leaves. I embellish the cloth with machine embroidery and hand beading. My materials are mostly left-overs: fabric scraps and thrift-store finds. My inspiration often comes from a scripture phrase or memorable hymn verse. I also create women’s accessories from vintage and recycled fabric and men’s ties, taking something that might otherwise be relegated to the landfill and making it into something beautiful. But my greatest joy is using the same techniques and materials to sew made-for-the-wearer stoles. I’m also available to lead groups through art projects carefully designed for positive outcomes at any developmental level.

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