Rev. Jenna Couch I am an ELCA pastor and I make necklaces as a side hobby. I began making necklaces by taking a class at a craft store and fell in love with designing and creating unique pieces. I also started a Facebook page and ETSY store to try to sell my designs.

I am also a writer and I enjoy writing poetry, blog posts, sermons, and scripts for plays.

My two favorite poems I wrote were written for my niece and nephew on their baptism day. I wrote a faith related poem for each of them and worked it out so that the first letter of each line spelled out their name.

I enjoy using my creativity to inspire others and proclaim Christ's love and grace to all.

My favorite piece is my Lutheran Rose necklace. My dad grew up in the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church and gave me his silver Luther Rose pendant from when he was confirmed. It says "I Am Lutheran" on the back of it. I wanted to make a necklace with it, but I wanted to find the different pieces of the Luther Rose symbol to use as the beads to surround the pendant.

I eventually found beads in the shape of a black Cross, red heart, white flower, sky blue colored, and gold rings to complete the necklace.

I try to make each necklace I make incredibly unique and one-of-a-kind, but the Luther Rose necklace is pretty specific, so if I make more, I won't likely stray too far from this design, though I might vary the beads a little.


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