Erika LeMunyon Erika was born and raised in the Twin Cities and has been taking photographs since the age of eleven. After high school, she attended Luther College were she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Art/Art History. Other than her craft, Erika enjoys reading, singing, travel, sailing and down hill skiing. After traveling throughout the United States and seven countries, Erika has been inspired to look at the world from a different perspective through her camera.

Art - of any medium - has always been a passion of mine. But since discovering the world of photography, I feel I’ve found a way to turn a passion into a profession. I love the challenge of trying to convey emotion from a single image, and through my lens, I’m able to not only document the life around me, but also tell a story. Having my camera with me during my travels has encouraged me to seek out new places and look at life from different angles and perspectives. I am always trying to see through someone else’s eyes or have them to see through mine and photography helps us do exactly that. It allows us to see things from another person’s point of view and learn their story. My goal is to continue to tell these stories through my lens.


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