Nancy Rakoczy I'm an artist based in New York City. I've shown my work at the Queens Museum, the A.I.R. Gallery, and most recently at the FluxArt Fair in May 2016, for their show, "Changing Landscapes." I've also shown my work with the LIC Artists (Long Island City Artists). I've taken my loom into the parks, schools, and nursing homes, and engaged the community in helping me weave the discarded plastic. Most recently I was invited on Earth Day by the Shaw Avenue Elementary School to weave plastic on small looms. you can see the students' work on my FB page for April 22nd.

I use discarded plastic as my medium and weave it onto a large loom to provide it with greater strength. In a work such as the "Crucified Christ," the discarded plastic works with the theme that "He was despised and rejected," from Isaiah 53:3. Discarded plastic is tossed away without a thought, and Jesus was crucified as if he were a criminal, yet his resurrection transformed him, and he offers that same transformation to all of us by the power of his Holy Spirit.
In the work, "Shroud: Unwrapping Lazarus," I knit a 15"x 32' long shroud from plastic, and have used it in a performance/ritual involving 6-7 other people. In "Cape: The Good News," I knit the NY Times plastic bags and 200 beads into a floor length cape


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