Paul Mattek Paul Mattek is the founder of Design Fugitives, an art studio specializing in large-scale art installations and interior buildouts. Among other work, they create ecclesiastic commissions ranging from sanctuary art to comprehensive design-build projects. Paul has his Masters in Architecture from UW-Milwaukee, and has taught art courses at Milwaukee’s MIAD and Wisconsin Lutheran College, and served as an adjunct at UW-Milwaukee. Prior to his career in the arts, Paul studied for the pastoral ministry at Martin Luther College and Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.

My own art strives to make the beauty of our divine God known to others. Accordingly, my artwork seeks to find fresh visual representations for my own and others deeply-held beliefs.
At Design Fugitives we inspire transformational experience through art. We are a company that creates original and custom 3D artwork for clients, striving for cutting-edge technology and methods. Often this artwork is created for architectural spaces.


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