Neil Johnston I work primarily as a painter/2d artist. I began my career as a billboard painter, then I studied painting at the College of Visual Arts (BFA), and Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MFA). I live and make work in Shoreview, MN. I teach 2D Design, foundation Drawing, and Painting at Century College, in White Bear Lake, MN, where I am a tenure professor. I work closely with the White Bear Center for the Arts where I served on the Board of Directors for 6 years. I continue to work with the WBCA as an art discussion facilitator/host. My working studio life, community work, and teaching appointments revolve around my belief that art is the medium that connects us all.


Visual culture is thoroughly saturated with wishful images - what we think we want to see, or descriptions of how we think others want us to be. Is it possible that so many images flood our senses that we have a difficult time conceptualizing ‘present-ness’ or 'now'? The painted image can capture a rush of images - each fragment frozen, claiming a place in the whole. Seeing these frozen explosions of fragments – slowing them down – can re-present a narrative, pose new possible narratives, or reveal each fragment’s original intent. This contemplation of multiple parts is essential to understanding (and for me experiencing) a present state of mind – and a critical thoughtfulness of the intent of the images that surround us daily.

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