John Bergmeier John Bergmeier received his BA from Hastings College, Nebraska USA and his MFA from Wichita State University, Kansas USA with a focus on printmaking. He has recently been making prints from his studio in Waxhaw, North Carolina.  His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions internationally and he has been the recipient of numerous awards.

John Bergmeier is a unique print and graphic artist whose primary focus in recent years has been on printmaking, though his artistic versatility is displayed in his many mixed media and three-dimensional pieces as well. John enjoys incorporating multiple colors, textures, layers and images to create highly original and distinctive visual narratives. He works with various graphics, photographs, implements and other materials, assimilating these into his art as symbols and reference points. “I am increasingly becoming more confident and daring in expressing my Christian faith and sharing the Gospel message through my art. That. . .and to touch the emotions of people. . .is what I strive for.”

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