Jennifer Wheeler I was raised in the Lutheran church and, like many people, left the church as a young adult. Over the years, I explored, studied, and practiced in several different spiritual traditions, but contemplative practice was always the focus. As my life circles back in my later years, I have returned to the Lutheran church as a home where I can be in contact with my "root tradition." I am called to share my understanding of contemplative practice to enrich and expand the potential of Lutheranism.

I have offered meditation and mindfulness classes and workshops and coordinated yoga classes at my church. I make and sell jewelry based on the Pearls of Life. As well as being beautiful, the Pearls are personal prayer and contemplation tools.

I write booklets to support adults and children in learning how to use the Pearls. The booklets incorporate Bishop Martin Lonnebo's original practice as well as my own variations. I am also developing workshops for children and adults.

I offer several variations on the original Pearls design through my Etsy shop and have done custom work for individuals, using beads and charms that had personal significance. I also have created one-of-a-kind pieces for individuals and couples. I welcome inquiries about custom work.

It is my sincere hope that the Pearls can deepen your understanding and experience of the Mystery, opening your heart to the potential of living in a loving and compassionate relationship to all of creation.

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Affiliations: St. John's Lutheran Church, Lexington, SC