Keith J Williams I have been working with clay since 1973 and have been teaching art professionally since 1981. I have been at Concordia University, St. Paul since 1992 and am thrilled with the program we have created for our students.
I have been making functional pottery and sculpture since the mid-70s and drawing well enough to show my work since the late-80s. I have written many articles about clay artists.
I have been doing liturgical commissions for churches since the 80s as well. I love all aspects of these activities, but I also love music.
I direct church choir and hand bells. I also play jazz clarinet and saxophone and sing in a jazz group.
I golf. I travel. I read science journals.
I love my family and am thankful for the presence of God's spirit

My work varies. My ceramics and drawing are dynamic, organic and neo-expressionist. The clay work ranges from functional pottery to sculptural work. The drawings are mostly abstract figurative work and sometimes directly address Christian themes. I also create liturgical work out of wood, stone and clay. I design my liturgical work to directly address the existing church architecture.

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