Jason Jaspersen I live, teach, and make art in a happening small town called New Ulm, MN. The ingredients of New Ulm include palpable German heritage, notable public sculptures, public polka, 2 rivers, 1 college, a great brewery, free thinkers, and a big butter plant. They make movies about places like this…

As an artist I am interested in family, generations, solitude, universal experiences, and Biblical content.

My body of work includes a variety of methods and media. With 15 years of professional experience I am an accomplished painter, printmaker, illustrator, and sculptor. I predominantly work on commissions, and enjoy cooperating with clients to interpret themes, deliberate on designs, choose appropriate materials, and coordinate installation.

Phone: 507-217-1666

Email: jjjaspersen@gmail.com

Website: jjjaspersen.com

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Other: Youtube channel