Janelle Thompson Northern Wisconsin has always been my home, and a love of God's creation has always inspired my work. In the past I worked as a Soil Conservation Technician and an Engineering Aide. This drafting experience also influences drawing style. In 1987 I began work as professional creative artists for a screen print company. More recently I have done historical paintings and murals for local municipalities, illustrated children's books and Lutheran education materials, and tried more 3 dimensional work. I live with my family and work out of the "mad cat studio" in rural Wisconsin with my mad cat, Tippy.

I love the classical drawing and painting methods. I enjoy plein air sketching and painting. I work in many two dimensional mediums, but find watercolor most useful in expressing the mystery and beauty of nature. I also enjoy modeling hand made figures with clay. Paper sculpture is also a great medium for exploring the essence of a subject.


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Email: amadcatstudio@me.com


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