California Lutheran University Founded in 1959, California Lutheran University is home to more than 2,810 undergraduate and 1,316 graduate students who come from more than 61 countries and represent a wide variety of faiths.

Our dedicated, accomplished faculty works with small classes of students who are open-minded—about ideas, about people, and about faith—and are seeking to grow as individuals.

Both in the classroom and outside of it, everyone at Cal Lutheran is committed to helping each student pursue their passions to discover their purpose, and follow that purpose to transform their community—and the world.


The California Lutheran University art curriculum provides a foundation in the studio arts and art history which encourages students to develop their own vision as creative artists and voices for its history and contemporary critique. With an emphasis on individualized attention and creative motivation, faculty members combine a broad range of academic and art disciplines with real-world experiences, philosophies and attitudes.
Interested students have a chance to participate in Cal Lutheran-sponsored travel to a variety of international locations. Each student is also given the option to take art and/or art history classes one or two semesters in a Study Abroad program in countries such as Italy or England. Likewise, Cal Lutheran's diverse art collections give students access to a variety of art objects from various countries. These collections include the La Boyteaux Collection of New Guinea Art, the Lou Grubb Collection of American Indian Art and Paintings, the Rev. Patty Hundley Photographic Archive and a collection of Philippine Island ethnic artwork.
Art majors may opt for the standard art major curricula or designate their preference with a concentration in design. The design specialty requires an advanced computer graphics course. Sophisticated graphics programs utilizing up-to-date software are available to Cal Lutheran students to increase their creative skills and prepare them for the professional work of design. In addition, other design courses are cross-listed with the Theatre Arts Department, and digital arts classes are available in the Multimedia Department.


Your courses and professors will nurture your artistic, educational, scholarly, and creative development. You will be prepared as a performer on a major instrument or voice while gaining a deep understanding of the historical perspectives and theoretical elements of music.

You will have the opportunity to study privately with some of the finest musicians in the Los Angeles area. Solo performance opportunities are widely available. Ensembles are open to all students by audition.

Theater Arts

Know your theory—and practice it
The program is designed to engage you with the art and craft of theatre by providing ample and varied opportunities for the study of theatre literature, history, and dramatic theory—all while emphasizing a practical application of theatre knowledge through production.
Discover theatre as an art form
Gain an understanding of the origins of the theatrical arts, theatre's subsequent history of performance, the dramatic literature and dramatic theory upon which theatre is based, and the influence of theatre upon societies throughout the world.
Hone your creative process
Crucial to your success is understanding the nature of aesthetic perception—the ability to communicate aesthetics through artistic expression. This will be honed through your extensive experience of bringing productions to life.
Award-winning players and productions
Our students have brought home top regional awards from the Kennedy Center / American College Theatre Festival. Not only do Cal Lutheran students shine onstage, they're also busy behind the scenes, taking positions of responsibility with publicity and sound, light, makeup, scene, and costume design.
Close to industry opportunities
The campus' close proximity to Los Angeles provides an arena for you to explore a variety of screen, stage, television, and musical presentations and connections with industry professionals. During the summer, take advantage of student internship opportunities in Camp Shakespeare and the Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival, a professional theatre company that performs on campus.


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