Concordia College - Moorhead (ELCA) Concorida a private, coed, four-year liberal arts college. We're a community of more than 2,100 students who come from 36 states and 29 countries and represent 38 religions and denominations. We employ 175 full-time faculty including NASA and NSF scientists, award-winning composers and writers, and national experts in a wide range of fields.


Music is an integral part of the Concordia experience. One-third of the student body participates in musical activities in some way.

You don’t need to be a major or minor to join one (or more!) of our 19 music ensembles, participate in the annual Concordia Christmas Concert or tour around the country and world.

Our faculty mentor students through challenging coursework, inspire ensembles to touch the lives of people around the world and collaborate with students as researchers and composers.

Most students involved in the music program aren’t pursuing music academically. They just have outstanding vocal or instrumental talent and we provide them with the opportunity to share it.

Art Department

The Concordia art department is dedicated to a single purpose: helping you pursue your creative potential to its limits – and beyond.

Whether your interests lie in studio art – painting, drawing, ceramics, graphic design, sculpture, printmaking and photography – or art history, we have exactly what you need to develop and refine your creative and artistic talents.

Regardless of your aspirations, our accomplished faculty will help you find your niche, interpret your vision, pursue your passion and transform your dreams into reality.

Theatre Art

The theatre art major and minor provide students with a broad-based theatre education. This sets a foundation from which they can specialize in performance, design or history/literature.

The theatre art major is intended for students who want to have a life in the theatre: future theatre professionals, those planning graduate study, and students with a serious avocational interest in the theatre. The theatre art minor is intended for those who wish to be more thoughtful and informed about theatre in their lives. Many students combine a theatre art major or minor with art, business, communication studies, music or other programs.


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