Wagner College - Staten Island, NY New York City is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world, and Wagner students and visitors get to explore the rich diversity of museums, cultures, arts, sports, and attractions in all five boroughs. From campus, a free shuttle takes you to the world-famous Staten Island ferry, a well-recognized icon of New York City transportation and a free ride into the heart of New York City.

While most people think of Manhattan when they think of New York City, four other boroughs—The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island—help form the richness of the City. Staten Island's attractions include a fantastic boardwalk along the beach, delicious cuisine, and interesting cultural institutions. Find information about attractions and events on Staten Island through Staten Island Live, and use NYC Go for official information on the City.

Department of Art, Art History and Film

The Department of Art, Art History and Film of Wagner College provides much more than a traditional art school: the chance to study the visual arts while obtaining a liberal arts education. Comprised of experienced practicing artists and art historians with a strong commitment to teaching, it has a full curriculum of courses in both disciplines. At Wagner, students develop their visual and analytical talents while gaining the breadth of knowledge, intellectual curiosity and writing skills that only a liberal arts education can provide. The Fine Arts program includes study in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Photography, Ceramics, and Graphic Design. Students develop and hone observational, practical, and analytical skills, while also developing their own artistic voices both in and outside of the classroom. Experiential study provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their work and to be independently motivated and engaged in the field.

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Music Department

Music has played a vital role in the life of Wagner College since its founding. Today Wagner students sing in the College Choir, play in the Concert and Jazz bands, and study the history and theory of music from around the world. Many students in the Music Department go on to careers in teaching, music performance, and arts management. Others continue to graduate or professional training in fields such as law and education.

Whether you are interested in music education, music performance, or studying and listening to various types of old and new music, the Music Department’s flexible curriculum allows you to create a personalized program following your own interests. In addition to instruction in the great traditions of Western art music and jazz, the department offers courses that explore music in its broader context in both Western and non-Western cultures. Many courses take advantage of the abundant and varied concert life in the New York region by including attendance at first-rate musical events in and about the city.

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Wagner College's Department of Theatre and Speech provides students with a strong liberal arts background combined with intensive training in Theatre, particularly Musical Theatre, through classes and public performances. By combining theory and practice, the department seeks to foster leadership, a sense of community, artistic integrity, intellectual expertise, and the best professional values to serve students in their chosen profession.

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