Muhlenberg College - Allentown, PA At Muhlenberg College, education is more than a foundation for learning. Rather, we believe that expanding one’s goals and exceeding one’s potential are at the core of personal growth.

Our community of approximately 2200 students seeks to serve in the advancement of science, society, commerce and the arts through curiosity, creativity and fearless devotion, and to reach beyond one’s self with empathy, commitment, and resolve to improve our world.

‌Together, our community is committed to an ethos of reaching ever higher; guiding and driving students of extraordinary promise to reach above and beyond their preconceived talents, skills, and objectives to achieve prominence and effect change in whatever professions, interests, and causes they choose to pursue.

Art Department

The Muhlenberg Art Department was founded in 1953 by internationally famous sculptor George Rickey. Since then, we have grown into the interdisciplinary, interactive and international department we are today. We strive to provide a focused, rigorous curriculum in the visual arts for majors and minors, set within the broad-based liberal arts programming which is the hallmark of a Muhlenberg education. Many graduates have been accepted to MFA and PhD programs across the country and abroad and go on to pursue diverse fields such as art education, publication editing and design, medical illustration, medicine and law.


The Music Department at Muhlenberg College is unique, offering outstanding vocal and instrumental training and the performance opportunities you would expect from a larger School of Music. Students involved with music at Muhlenberg receive personal attention from our faculty. We work with our students to help them achieve their goals as musicians within the intellectually challenging but supportive environment of one of the nation’s leading liberal arts institutions.

Each semester, over 350 students develop their performance skills taking private lessons with our renowned voice and instrumental faculty. Our 61 majors and 36 minors take courses such as Electronic Music, World Music, Women in Music, Haydn and Mozart, History of Jazz, Techniques of the Avant Garde, and the Music Senior Seminar.

MusicMuhlenberg’s Music Department sponsors 12 ensembles including the College Choir, Chamber Orchestra and Wind Ensemble, two Jazz Improvisation Ensembles, Opera Workshop, and chamber ensembles such as the Collegium musicum, Musica da Camera, the Percussion Ensemble, and Chamber Singers.
MusicWhether you are planning to major in music in preparation for graduate studies, explore courses in our department as a non-major, or express your passion for music as a member of the Choir or Wind Ensemble, you will be a welcome part of Music at Muhlenberg.

Theater & Dance

And is what we do. It's the spirit of Muhlenberg Theatre & Dance — a philosophy, a strategy, a technique. And is collaboration: director and choreographer, students and faculty, technicians and actors, designers and carpenters, the chorus and the star. And is finding your place in the whole, making your contribution. And is synergy: theatre and dance, Broadway and avant-garde, action and theory, principle and practice, jazz hands and pathos. It's finding the whole that exceeds the sum. It's making connections. And is accomplishment: artistic excellence and student experience, national acclaim and independence of spirit. And is education: knowledge and technique, ideas and work, performing arts and the liberal arts, history and innovation, breadth and depth. And is art: the darkness and the spotlight. The audience and the artist. Us and you. Join us.


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