Midland University - Fremont, NE Founded in 1883, Midland University is a private liberal arts college located in the heart of Fremont, Nebraska and just 20 minutes from Omaha. About 1,300 students from across the map attend Midland University. Nearly 60% of students reside on campus, creating a thick campus community. With a 10:1 student to faculty ratio, and an average class size of 18, students have full access to professors who know them by name. Midland University provides a close-knit community for faculty, staff, students, friends and alumni!

The Midland 4-Year Graduation Guarantee assures students meeting basic requirements will graduate within four years. If you don’t graduate in our four-year plan, we will pay 100% of your tuition until you do. How do we do it? In our innovative Center for the 4-Year Graduation Guaranteed, we have an entire team of professional advisors dedicated to helping you succeed!

Art and Arts Management

Midland University's art program uses a challenging and supportive environment to help students develop their artistic creativity and ability. As a student majoring in art, you'll explore a variety of media, techniques and styles — including the fundamentals of drawing, sculpture, painting, and pottery — and your instructors will help you broaden your talent and hone your artistic skills. With hands-on art classes held in Midland’s Musbach Art Center, art students gain one-on-one attention from experienced faculty and utilize a drawing studio, a painting studio, a pottery room, multiple kilns, and a lab for graphic design.

The Arts Management degree is designed for the student who has the desire to betrained in the art of performance and business, which is marketable in the mainstream job marketplace and also helpful to a performance career.

To be a professional performing artist, having an understanding of basic business is greatly advantageous. Our program includes developing a plan for branding, marketing, resume development, and ensuring students gain a basic understanding of budgeting and financial responsibility.

To be an effective business leader, it is greatly helpful to master the art of communication and presentation. The training our students receive helps them to develop self-confidence and an awareness of how to positively present themselves and their ideas.

Music Education

A K-12 Vocal Music Education Endorsement is available for students accepted in the Midland Teacher Education program.

The ARTS at Midland provides a variety of opportunities for students who are interested in music. Through ensembles, private lessons, classes, musicals and performance of major works, and touring, students are encouraged to share in the joy and appreciation of music. In coordination with the Education Department, Midland offers a Vocal Music Education Endorsement that prepares students for certification as a K-12 Vocal Musical specialist. However, these courses are available to any student who desires music to be part of their life, not just those seeking to become music educators.


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