Luther College - Decorah, IA Yes, we're a Lutheran college. (Our name gives it away). So what does that mean?

It means that faith matters at Luther College. We think offering a rigorous academic program in the context of a faith tradition is the best way for you to discover your life’s meanings and commitments. And you don't have to be Lutheran—or even Christian—to appreciate the personal, intellectual, and spiritual growth you receive from a Luther education.

Colleges offer a broad range of approaches to addressing questions about religious commitments in life together. Some colleges work from a common creed or statement of belief that provides a uniform worldview for community discourse. Others keep faith out of the community’s public life and leave it as a matter of individual choice.

Luther College embodies a different approach, building community around a lively and inclusive conversation of faith and learning that engages the world in all its complexity and wonder.

It’s no accident that Luther College is known for its strong sense of community. The conversation of faith and learning requires a robust community that celebrates, explores, laments, prays, studies, questions, serves, and plays together.


The art program at Luther College engages students visually within our liberal arts community. Our program nurtures, enriches, and strengthens our students' artistic spirits.

The art program is designed to sustain a life-long pursuit of creativity. Our students learn individual expression, aesthetic appreciation, and historical understanding.

Introductory courses provide a foundation of all artistic mediums. Advanced courses hone skills, and allow students to grow as individual artists.


The Luther campus is alive with the sounds of six choirs, three bands, three orchestras, two jazz bands, and nearly 1,000 student musicians.

Our student musicians participate in large ensembles, faculty-coached chamber groups, private lessons, and master classes. Interested in seeing a performance? You can attend or stream Luther ensembles in concert.

Over 300 music majors study music theory/ear training, history, education, composition, jazz, church music, and performance. It all adds up to one of the largest collegiate music programs in the world!

Luther's inspired and accomplished music faculty guide students to their full musical potentials through individual attention and accessibility.


Welcome to a radically new paradigm for training the body. Dance at Luther is focused on Movement Fundamentals: Liberating Practices for Dance Artists | Movement in Life & Art.

Our dance courses are rooted in somatic movement education which values the judgments and decisions of the body, gathered from engagement of self, others, and environment.

We value your “kinesthesia” which means we think your body is super smart. Whether you have had several years of dance training before coming to college or have never danced at all – you can major or minor in dance at Luther. You can dance for life!

Dance courses focus on alignment & function for the body; range & efficiency for movement; and vocabulary & intention for dance making. Contact Improvisation, Dance Composition, Dance History, Performance Research, and Dance Technique and Analysis deepen and broaden the program.

Through the Movement Fundamentals curriculum, the articulate body is understood and experienced as an intelligent instrument, and the integration of mind, body, and spirit supports the student’s research and development as an engaged dance artist.


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