Finlandia University - Hancock, MI Finlandia University offers outstanding undergraduate programs in Arts & Sciences, Health Sciences, Art & Design, and Business. Founded as a Lutheran College in 1896 by Finnish immigrants, our focus is complete education and our campus welcomes students from all backgrounds.

International School of Art & Design

ISAD Vision Statement: Finlandia University’s International School of Art & Design balances experiences in critical thinking and creative insight. We emphasize the convergence of technical skill and conceptual innovation. The program prepares graduate for emerging opportunities in an international community by providing foundations in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and business practices in art and design.

Our natural setting is as stunning and infinitely inspirational as our facility is motivating and professional. Our low student-to-teacher ratio guarantees an incredible amount of individual attention, adding greatly to the overall quality of instruction. Our students often cite this as the basis for future personal achievement and professional success.


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