Concordia University - Portland, OR Concordia University is a private, non-profit Christian liberal arts university open to students of any faith. Nestled in the Pacfic Northwest, Concordia University is committed to the dual purpose of preparing students for life and for a living.

Concordia provides a challenging, yet supportive learning environment where spirited intellectual inquiry strengthens our commitment to justice, compassion and moral integrity. We respect diversity, and integrate faith into every aspect of learning, service, and life.


Pre-Graduate/Performance Music Strand: Existing in an artistically oriented city as Portland, Concordia University is able to draw on a wealth of music professionals to serve as members of its music faculty. Students are able to study privately from members of such highly esteemed ensembles such as the Oregon Symphony and the Portland Opera as they seek to perfect their musical skills.

Music Ministry Strand: Learning to be a music professional from a Christian/Lutheran university such as Concordia University provides students an understanding of the very ethos of what it means to be a musician within the context of a Christian environment. Presenting music to uplift others in their Christian faith, ensembles seek to perform music to God’s glory and not to glory of mankind.

Music Education Strand: While many music education degrees are typically five-year programs that end with just a bachelor’s degree, Concordia’s program is a five-year program that gives you both a bachelor’s degree with a music major and a master’s degree in teaching (MAT). Beginning your teaching career with a master’s degree will definitely give you a head start on other recent graduates.


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