Music for Lutheran worship has roots that reach back to the 16th century Reformation and to many centuries before. This deep tradition has been formed by music from hundreds of cultures, styles, composers, poets, and theologians. Today’s composers continue to enrich and expand the Lutheran tradition of sacred music and reflect the styles of six continents, using musical language that is both old and new.  In this registry you will find a wide variety of works which you can purchase electronically or in printed version directly from the composer. Moreover, you can look closely at composers’ sacred compositions with an eye and ear to commissioning new works for the church.

As our beloved composer Johann Sebastian Bach often wrote in his works, "Soli Deo Gloria!"

Some of the composers and text writers in this directory are well known and have well-established careers. Others are emerging artists whose work is known by a smaller community.  Many styles, liturgical contexts, and music tastes are represented by their work. All of the composers and writers represented on this site are talented and trained artists and are a vital part of the living tradition of music in the Lutheran church.

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