Taylor Hagbo Taylor Hagbo was born in Tacoma, Washington, in 1989. He grew up in the college/agricultural town of Ellensburg, where he enjoyed running in the hills, reading, theater, and playing folk music with friends.

At Pacific Lutheran University, Taylor studied both biology and religion, nurturing a fascination for the mysteries of life. After graduating in 2011, he spent time at the Lutheran retreat center of Holden Village before moving to California to work on a redwood tree farm.

Now, Taylor is pursuing a call to ministry at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, California. He is passionate about the future of the church and sharing the Gospel through engaging music.

Taylor writes songs about the many facets of life on Earth in the 21st Century. Some songs are playful, some are romantic, some are solemn, and some are theological. Recently, he has been writing up-beat Gospel tunes, chorale pieces, and songs for liturgy.

In the winter of 2014, Taylor spent six weeks at Holden Village as an Artist in Residence, composing a seven-song, liturgy setting called Be the Light. He has been sharing this liturgy with the seminary community at PLTS, and looks forward to publishing this work in the near future.


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