Kyle Pederson Kyle is a composer, pianist, and lyricist with deep Lutheran roots. His music is often heard at Prince of Peace Lutheran in Burnsville, MN, where he serves on the worship planning team and music ministry.

Kyle has composed choral anthems, hymns, praise songs, and congregational responses--bringing a variety of instrumental forces to bear--and enjoys creating music that can live in a variety of worship settings.
He earned a BA from Augustana, MA in Ed from St. Thomas, and will finish his MFA in music comp. from VCFA in August of 2017.

Recent choral composition highlights include awards from Cerddorion (NYC), Intl Lutheran Youth Choir, and Singers of Armenia. His Psalm 56 is currently a semi-finalist in the Elysian Singers psalm contest.

His work: Though he has a deep appreciation for traditional hymnody, Kyle is energized to find new ways to allow music to speak to congregations (with both feet still firmly planted on tonal ground).

He is particularly drawn to re-contextualizing iconic hymn melodies; two instrumental recording projects, as well as several choral/congregational anthems, are re-imaginings of timeless melodies. A fresh musical setting is often paired with a newly penned hymn text--designed to resonate in a variety of worship contexts.

The posted video was created in-house as a worship element. Kyle composed the music--an illustration of his interest in weaving ancient (Latin, iconic melody) and modern (digital sounds, layered vocals, modern chords).


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