Graduated from Concordia Teachers College in Seward, NE in 1962. M.S in Early Childhood education in 1971 from Hunter College in NYC. Have served as Director of Music at St. John the Evangelist Lutheran Church from 1964 to present. Check my Wikipedia page for full information. As of the summer of 2016 I will have 277 hymn tunes published with a variety of publishers in the U.S, Canada, the U.K. China, and Brazil. Concordia Publishing House has recorded samples of my work on their web-site.

I write mainly hymn tunes, with some choral work. I generally do not write in four parts. I find a lyrical melody that supports the text is better for congregational singing as so many people do not read music anymore. My harmonies are not \\\\\\\"cutting edge\\\\\\\" because I believe too much dissonance detracts from the text. In this respect, the music is not \\\\\\\"equal\\\\\\\" to the text. The text is the reason for the hymn and composers should not forget this. Most of my hymns lately have instrumental descants. Most can be played by a good amateur musician or a high school student. I also write liturgical music and my congregation is now using my Brooklyn Mass on the Sundays I play, the first, second and fifth of the month.


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