Shane W. Dittmar Shane W. Dittmar is a 22-year-old music educator and composer of vocal music, including choral, art song, musical theatre, and commercial styles. A native of Raleigh, NC, he is currently studying Music Education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His music is shaped by his unique view of the world; Shane is legally blind, and so he strives to create, in his musical endeavors, sincere expressions of landscapes, stories, and emotions you don’t need sight to experience.

Shane\'s compositions are foremost intended to express emotion; he writes moving vocal music which is centered on an understanding of the power of simplicity and melody to convey human feelings. His music is performable by a wide range of choirs with a wide range of skillsets, and, due in no small part to his background in theatre, he views text and storytelling as primary elements of his work.


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