Jonathon Roberts Jonathon Roberts is a composer and performer from Wisconsin living in Beacon, New York. He creates music and theatre, often in response to biblical text, influenced by a classical, pop, and jazz background. His projects are sometimes funny. With his wife Emily Clare Zempel, he founded Spark and Echo Arts, a non-profit that is creating art in response to every passage of the Bible. Together they form the Spark & Echo Band and raise their son Walter. Jonathon works in NYC as a composer and sound designer for slot machines at High 5 Games.


I have a goal of setting the entire Bible to music. The Bible is the starting point for most of my projects, regardless of the style. I never seem to fully connect with a passage of Scripture until I explore it musically. The challenge has also led me down some interesting roads musically and lyrically, since the subject matter doesn't always fit in a nice box.

I write for large and small ensembles, theatre, comedy, commercial music. I've played in rock bands, improv ensembles, write songs and have a background in theatre. I like variety.

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