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500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation

Martin Luther

“Now that God has today so graciously bestowed upon us an abundance of arts, scholars, and books, it is time to reap and gather in the best as well as we can, and lay up treasure in order to preserve for the future something from these years of jubilee, and not lose this bountiful harvest.”  
~ To the Councilmen of German

24th Sunday after Trinity (G)

Church Year 2017-1018
Nov 11, 2018


Introit: Ps. 95:1-4; antiphon: Ps. 95:6-7a Gradual: Ps. 116:8, 1 Old Testament: Is. 51:9-16 Psalm 126 (antiphon: v. 1) Epistle: Col. 1:9-14 ProperVerse: Ps. 36:9 Gospel: Matt. 9:18-26 The Strength of the Lord Is Our Salvation from Sin, Death, and Darkness A shroud of darkness engulfs us. Sin, death, and disease threaten to sever us from life's fullest measure. Without new life in Christ Jesus, there would be no light to dissipate, dispel, or curb grief and sadness. But Jesus has qualified us "to share in the inheritance of the saints of light" delivering us from the dark domain (Col. 1:9_14). "I have put my words in your mouth and covered you in the shadow of my hand,ƒYou are my people" (Is. 51:9_16). The presence of Christ, in word, wine, bread, and water, confronts our sinful nature with forgiveness. In the sacraments, God claims us to be His very own children, creating, and sustaining our faith. So in Christ, we humbly receive the words, "your faith has made you well" (Matt. 9:18_26). On the last day God will surely awaken us also from slumber in resurrection glory.