FORMED, RE+FORMED, TRANSFORMED is a versatile design being offered by Linda Witte Henke to support and enhance parish, judicatory, and church-wide observances of the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

The design's vibrant red-orange-gold color scheme conveys a sense of God's ongoing activity within and among God's people. Hymn texts in the background of each panel add texture and bear witness to God's work across the centuries and around the globe. Three interlocking circles signal the Holy Trinity as the lens for reflecting upon God's love and faithfulness throughout the ages, reminding us that we are FORMED in the image of God, RE+FORMED through the cross of Christ, and TRANSFORMED by the power of the Spirit.

Custom-Sized Banners

The FORMED, RE+FORMED, TRANSFORMED design is especially well-suited for banners created from commercially printed fabric with finished edges and casings at the top and bottom (into which slats may be inserted for installation).  Although the overall design has a fixed proportion of 38 wide by 26 high, the scale at which the design is printed can be customized to each context. 

  • 76" W x 52" = $345
  • 114" W x 78" = $835
  • 152" W x 104" = $1,195
  • 171" W x 117" = $1,430

To request pricing for banners in other sizes, please contact me at allow a minimum of 90 days for delivery. 

Stretched-Canvas Triptych

The FORMED, RE+FORMED, TRANSFORMED design is also available as a stretched-canvas triptych, with each canvas measuring 10 inches wide by 20 inches high.  Cost is $160 plus $25 shipping and handling ($185 total).   Please allow 45 days for delivery.  Contact me at for additional information or to place your order. 

Image Licensing

High-resolution digital images of the FORMED, RE+FORMED, TRANSFORMED design are available for use as projection graphics, illustrations on websites and social media, and in print applications.  You might want to check out for some idea starters. 

To request image-license pricing information, please contact me at with a description of the use(s) you envision and the approximate volume for any print applications. 

Linda Witte Henke is a designer/artist specializing in the creation of work expressive of spirituality and faith who art practice is focused on projects commissioned for use in worship settings.€¯ Her sources of inspiration include the sacred writings that ground her faith, the hymns and music that express that faith, and the theological reflections and spiritual insights that emerge on the course of her faith journey.€¯