Lutheran Arts is pleased to announce that the Martin Luther Hymn Prize anthems are now available for purchase at Canticle Distributing.

LutheranArts received many applications from throughout the United States for the Martin Luther Hymn Prizes. Winners were chosen in Summer 2016 and will be performed at the Lutheran Arts Reformation Hymn Festival on Sunday, July 9, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. Central Lutheran Church, 333 South 12th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Below are the winning anthems with links to purchase. 

Christ of Our Past, Our Present, and Our Future

Jayne Southwick Cool, Text Writer
Deanna Witkowski, Composer

This four verse prayer for the Church has short, easy unaccompanied sections but is otherwise nicely supported by a light piano accompaniment.  The minor key lends gravity to the subject matter, which is both timely and timeless.  The litany of our shortcomings gives way to a hopeful and triumphant ending, quoting Christ's command to "Go, make disciples."

Winner of the The Diane and Paul Jacobson Prize

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Proclaim the Love that Breaks Down Walls

Christine Kallman, Text Writer
Dan Kallman, Composer

Based on an original tune that is noble and expansive, this anthem is for SATB with organ accompaniment.  After a majestic introduction, the women's and men's voices are featured separately.  Four part writing follows, including an (optionally) unaccompanied section.  A contrasting developmental verse, "Oh Spirit breathe a gentler way…" gives way to the concluding verse for unison with descanting sopranos.  The text is an exhortation to unity, love, and peace.

Winner of the The Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana ELCA Synod Prize  Celebrating the Visionary-Missional Leadership of Bishop Kevin S. Kanouse  2000-2016

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Wherever Christ Is Present

Reverend Don Holmstrom, Text Writer
David Evan Thomas, Composer

Recurring bell-like motifs are used in the organ accompaniment to give the music a dignified "hymn-anthem" feel which is reinforced by a final majestic verse for unison plus soprano descant.  Quite a bit of the piece is in unison C major, with a brief foray into A-flat major and four-part writing.  Even smaller choirs will find this accessible yet powerful. The text speaks of Christ's presence bringing us joy, truth, justice, and unceasing love.

Winner of the The Baker Family Prize

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