The Sword of Eden by Lutheran Arts member Gracia Grindal is available at WIPF and Stock Publishers

The Sword of Eden tells the story of Eve and Mary from their points of view. It connects their lives—Eve as the mother of us all, looking forward to the birth of one who is promised to bruise the head of the serpent in the garden, and Mary as the New Eve whose son will do so. They tell their own stories which are central to the biblical story of salvation as well as their typical lives as women, wives, and mothers. Grindal has used sonnet forms to tell their stories.

“Eve and Mary are the Alpha and Omega of the feminine in the Bible. In this subtle and rich series of poems, Professor Grindal explores the meaning of these two significant women, significant in the history of culture, and significant in God’s intention for the world. She explores the way these women are understood in Scripture, the various and subtle associations throughout the biblical narrative, their meaning in theology and dogmatics, and in Christian experience and personal life.”

—Walter Sundberg, Professor Emeritus of Church History, Luther Seminary

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