YWAM ARTS is a movement of people manifesting their Christian faith in varying creative industries around the world.

As a group of diverse individuals, they seek to embody God’s love for humanity as we develop our gifting and humanize the vision of the second wave within YWAM: training, transforming society, influencing the spheres, incubation, strategic partnerships, engaging with governments, culture, artists …

YWAM believes an era is upon us when thousands of professional artists – highly skilled and involved in creative activities – will reach out from around the globe to pray for one another and for the industries they are passionate about.

Their desire is to:

– Explore, observe and seek God every day

– Communicate truth and develop a deeper understanding of the creative gift.

– Present several of the infinite opportunities where arts can make a profound impact

– Help artists understand the laws and principles governing their disciplines

– Share knowledge and resources across nations

– Facilitate collaborations and build stronger global networks

– Offer inspiration and useful tools to get involved in every level of the art world

As an extension of the College of Arts & Sports from the University of the Nations, YWAM also desires to encourage a higher level of training through the different courses offered for any individual from any culture.

Visit YWAM here.

YWAM has used the arts effectively for years through street dramas and worship teams traveling across the nations. After the establishing the University of Nations in 1989, their training in the arts began to take on more structure. Learn more about YWAM's College of Arts & Sports, University of the Nations here.