Carrie Roberts Although her fashion design degree and years of working in product development in international markets were major assets, Carrie spent several years gathering resources to ensure that her liturgical vestment products would be traditional yet functional.

Today, Carrie's greatest joy is to use her skills and talents in creating unique and beautiful works for art for pastors and churches - works of art that often teach our faith with rich and colorful symbols work in machine embroidery.

Ecclesiastical Sewing—Beautifying Churches and teaching our faith through art. Whether you are making vestments for the clergy or materials for the altar, at Ecclesiastical Sewing, we understand the stirrings to craft something extra-special for your church. It must be assembled with love, heart, and soul. We know that specific elements are required for liturgical sewing, depending on each church setting. While such textiles and trims are not readily available in stores or online, the unique materials used for liturgical sewing and embroidery designs can be found at Ecclesiastical Sewing. And we ship worldwide! From Alb to Aragon, Brocade to Brocatelle We specialize in providing fabrics, patterns and trims for creating works of art.

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