Community News

We seek volunteers to develop and maintain the Archives feature. We welcome creative and concise articles on past Lutheran accomplishments in the arts.  Biographies of recognized Lutherans in fine art, letters, music, and performance will be added over the years. 

Submit your archival materials to the webmaster.

Lutheran Arts was founded in November of 2012.  A group of arts advocates from broad and varied Lutheran traditions came together to establish the Board of Directors.  Seven working committees and a gathering of Advisory Consultants followed.   Committees focus on Artists, Writers, Composers, Lutherans in Performance, Global Resources, Technology-Public Relations, and Finance.  Consultants are called upon for response to questions in their areas of expertise.

To add your voice to ours, consider joining the Board of Directors, a select committee, or our group of Advisory Consultants. 

Contact Douglas Koons, Executive Director, 651-470-3575