In Works of Love, Soren Kierkegaard explores the idea of Sabbath.  He observes from the creation story in Genesis that “Even God needed to rest.”  He goes on to say that at the deepest level, as we honor Sabbath in our own lives, we are joining God…in rest.

LutheranArts invites funding for one-week sabbaticals to be awarded to arts professionals seeking a time away from their vocations to refresh and renew themselves.  A week of Sabbaths!

We appeal to donors who will provide $1500 for each sabbatical.  Your gift covers transportation, both airfare and car rental, lodging, and a daily allowance including food.  

To launch the inaugural awards, LutheranArts plans to welcome the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians to the Twin Cities for their biennial conference as they arrive on 9 July 2017.  As attendees register, they fill out slips of paper to drop in a big goldfish bowl, fingers crossed.  Towards the end of the conference…drum roll..!!!… names will be drawn.  Spirit in the Desert in Arizona and Lutheridge in North Carolina are examples of Sabbath hosts.  Help us welcome ALCM with this very special offering. With your permission, your gift will be recognized publicly as part of their conference celebration.

Through your special giving to Sabbatical Opportunities, you encourage and support some of the most dedicated people serving our congregational life.  In return, they uplift the Church every Sunday of the year and weekdays, too!

Help us secure the first gifts so LutheranArts may provide Sabbatical Opportunities.

Contact:   651-470-3575

LutheranArts, POB 8181, Saint Paul, Minnesota  55108