One thing leads to another.

A gift in 2014 formed the financial support for our Composers Committee to envision the Martin Luther Hymn Prizes.  More funds were raised and three sets of prizes were awarded to composers of text and music. (see Martin Luther Hymn Prize Recipients). Then Lutheran friends of the Minnesota Orchestra joined in a LutheranArts collaboration to secure the New Re-formation Symphony by Sebastian Currier.  It was premiered at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis the first weekend of November to honor the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

In December of 2017, LutheranArts received funds from Celia Ellingson for us to be the commissioning agent of two new works by the Norwegian composer Kim Andre Arnesen. A new Christmas anthem and a motet for choir and orchestra are on the horizon, along with premiere performances in Rome. 

The Together In Hope Choir, founded by Gary Aamodt and Celia Ellingson, includes the finest voices in the Twin Cities area.  The choir will perform two Kim Andre Arnesen commissioned works at the inaugural concert of the 17th Annual International Festival of Sacred Music and Art. The LutheranArts commission ‘So That the World May Believe’ will be premiered at this October 31 concert, and it is our intent to dedicate the piece to Pope Francis. Additional choir performances during this week will be at a private event in the Sistine Chapel, and at the All Saints Day Mass at St. Peter’s.

You can learn more at the new website, Together in Hope.