Lutherans in Performance

Welcome to our Registry of Performing Artists – both solo and ensemble – in music, theatre, and dance. The performers include independent professionals and high level student performers in each area, such as:

  • Highly trained church musicians
  • Auditioned community and professional music ensembles, theatre troupes, and dance companies
  • Professional solo musicians, actors, dancers, conductors, directors, and choreographers
  • Lutheran college and university performing arts groups such as touring and on-campus choirs, bands, orchestras, jazz ensembles, drama productions, dance programs
  • Lutheran affiliated music concert series 

Lutheran Arts works two ways: 

  1. Member performing artists and groups can post their schedules, biographies, and contact information on the site.
  2. Performing arts patrons can peruse the site to find music, theatre, and dance performances to attend. We also encourage you to engage those performers for events such as services, concerts, artist’s series, workshops, other professional performing arts events, and/or for longer term employment.

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