Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center is a place set apart, a ministry of hospitality, welcoming to everyone for retreats, meetings, family and class reunions, and personal renewal.


Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center offers unique programs that address three focus areas: Pastoral & Ministry Development, Life Transitions & Enrichment, and Explore Your Calling in the 3rd Chapter of Life.

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Host your next retreat, meeting, workshop or other gathering at our beautiful and well-equipped facility set amid the splendor of the Sonoran Desert! Spirit in the Desert offers all of the amenities and beautiful environs to make your group day or overnight event successful, memorable and affordable.

3rd Chapter of Life

We established the Center for the 3rd Chapter of Life, creating an array of original programs designed to help people discover their true meaning during a transitional period in life. This period of transition, as roles and responsibilities shift, offers both opportunities and challenges. It can be a time to broaden our vision and renew our calling from God, identifying the meaning and purpose of our lives apart from careers and family roles.

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