Laurie F Gauger I\'ve written hymns, devotional materials, religious curriculum materials, and magazine articles. I was an English and music teacher at Shoreland Lutheran High School (Wisconsin) and a Bible history curriculum writer/editor at Northwestern Publishing House (Milwaukee). Currently, I\'m the campus writer/editor at Martin Luther College (New Ulm, Minnesota).

Please read about my perspective on Lutheran hymn writing in the blog post at the bottom of this page.

I write hymn texts and poems that have been set by several different composers, including Jon Strommen Campbell, GA Hennig, Mark Knickelbein, Sarah Lambrecht, and Joyce Schubkegel. Perhaps the best known is \"What Grace Is This.\"

Most recently, I was commissioned by WELS Commission on Worship to create a text on Christian martyrdom (reflecting on Luther’s first hymn of 1523) for the 2017 worship conference.

I also collaborated with my son, Philip Biedenbender, on two sacred anthems for St. Olaf College. \"And You Will Sleep\" (earthsongs) was sung at the 2015 Christmas Fest and on the 2016 tour. \"The Road from Here\" was sung in spring 2016 by the Manitou Singers.


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