Jerome Knapp I am an Oregon native but moved to Wisconsin for college where I received my undergraduate degree in English from Wisconsin Lutheran College. I began my M.F.A. work in Poetry (UW-Milwaukee) but switched to Urban Studies. Most of my professional career has been spent in the business side of the economic development world and, to a point, this interest has carried over to my current position as a development director with Kingdom Workers, a Christian NGO. I reside in Fox Point, a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

My poetry focuses on the urban environment and how we navigate it culturally, socially, and economically. While my faith informs my work and provides a framework for me to understand and translate my own interaction with the urban environment, my poetry is by no means liturgical. Most of my published work has appeared in Midwest periodicals.

I am also a visual artist, and my paintings are meant to compliment my poetry. I have participated in many group shows in Milwaukee since 2001. I am a co-founder of Arte Para Todos (a music festival raising funds for arts education) and a co-founder of Faba Pool (a crowdfunding platform for artists and musicians).


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