Gracia Grindal Professor Emerita, Luther Seminary, St. Paul. MN Graduate of Augsburg College, MFA University of Arkansas; MA Luther Northwestern Seminary

Writer of hymn texts, poetry, women's biographies, translator of Scandinavian hymns

I have completed A Treasury of Faith (Wayne Leupold Editions) three volumes of hymn texts on the Revised Common lectionary. In July 2015 the collection on the epistles was premiered at the Hymn Society Meeting in New Orleans along with tune settings of several of the collections, now almost all of the texts are set to music and can be viewed on the Wayne Leupold Editions website.

Over the years as the producer of the seminary's Reformation festival centered around Luther's Small Catechiam I commissioned cantatas based on Luther's Catechism hymns, the Ten Commandments (set by Dawn Sonntag) The Apostles Creed (set by Kari Tikka in Finland) and the Lord's Prayer set by William Beckstrand. Congregation, choir, soloist, instrumenta.

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